Here are just a few of the many features you gain by using the Yealink phones: 

BLF (Busy Lamp Field): Have you ever wanted to transfer a call to someone but weren’t sure if they were on the phone?  Well with the BLF keys you can easily tell when someone is available, and better yet you don’t even need to be in the same office or the same country! You can also use these keys to dial someone directly or transfer calls to them.   

Call Park: These are ‘hold’ buttons on steroids. Because not only does pushing it place a call on hold but it allows anyone else on your system to pick up that call (yes, even if they’re with their phone in Mexico).  With Call Park buttons you don’t have to risk accidentally disconnecting a customer with a messy transfer! 

Speed Dial: These do exactly what you think they do BUT with an added bonus! If you are on the phone with a customer you can use these speed dial buttons as a one touch transfer button.  You can even program your own cell phone number into the phone so if you are on a call and need to leave the office you can push that speed dial button and it will automatically connect to your cell.  

Intercom: These buttons will get someone’s attention immediately without having to scream across your office! It automatically enables speakerphone for a two way conversation. But don’t worry, if you have annoying coworkers you can always disable this function. 

Important note about connecting the phones to the internet: A hard-wired, ethernet connection is preferred and strongly recommended. If a hard-wired connection is NOT possible for your office, please let us know, so that we can advise and plan accordingly.

You don't have to get the same phones for every employee in your office. Feel free to mix and match! Here is a comparison table to help you better decide which phone(s) to choose: 

    Yealink T57W  Yealink T54W  Yealink T53W


SIP-T54S_large.png SIP-T53_large.png 
Price MSRP: $359
NerdPhone: $329 
 MSRP: $294
NerdPhone: $275 
 MSRP: $234
NerdPhone: $209 
Max Speed Dial Buttons 29  27 (3 pages of 9 keys)  21 (3 pages of 7 keys)
Display  7" color LCD adjustable touch screen  4.3" adjustable color LCD  3.7" adjustable black & white LCD
Customizable Wallpaper  ✓  ✓  X
One-Touch Transfer  ✓  ✓  ✓
Intercom  ✓ ✓ 
Busy Lamp Field (BLF)   ✓ ✓ 
Call Park with BLF   ✓ ✓ 
Wired Headset RJ-9 & USB*  RJ-9 & USB*  RJ-9 & USB*
Bluetooth Built-in Built-in Built-in
3-way Conferencing
Speaker Phone
Contact Directory
Do Not Disturb
WiFi^ Built-in Built-in Built-in


  Yealink T48U Yealink T46U Yealink T43U Yealink T31P
T48G_Large.png T46_large.png t43u.png t31p.png
Price MSRP: $349
NerdPhone: $329 
MSRP: $269
NerdPhone: $249 
MSRP: $179
NerdPhone: $159 
MSRP: $75
NerdPhone: $75 
Max Speed Dial Buttons 29 27
(3 pages of 9 keys)
(3 pages of 7 keys)
Display 7" color LCD
 4.3" color LCD 3.7" black & white LCD 2.3" black & white LCD
Customizable Wallpaper X X
One-Touch Transfer
Busy Lamp Field (BLF) 
Call Park with BLF 
Wired Headset RJ-9 & USB RJ-9 & USB RJ-9 & USB RJ-9
Bluetooth With USB Adapter With USB Adapter With USB Adapter X
3-way Conferencing
Speaker Phone
Contact Directory
Do Not Disturb
WiFi^ With USB Adapter With USB Adapter With USB Adapter X


* Only 1 USB adapter/connection can be utilized per phone.
^ While a Wifi connection is possible, we strongly recommend a hard-wired, ethernet connection for a more stable connection. USB WiFi adapters: $29 each.

**Our prices include a power adapter and shipping. Most online retailers require a separate power adapter purchase.**


Ask us about using your existing VoIP phones!

For more information about highly recommended headsets available for purchase from NerdPhone, please see below:


BLUETOOTH HEADSET - Currently on Special (click here to learn more) 



Over-the-head headset. MSRP: $200. Our price: $100*.

If you wish to use a Bluetooth headset with your Yealink T41S, T46G/S, T48G/S phone, keep in mind that you MUST have a USB Bluetooth adapter with your phone. If you do not have one already, NerdPhone can provide one for $19*. 

  • Comfortable with over-head wearing style
  • Wideband audio for exceptional sound quality.
  • Ringtone in headset
  • Answer and end calls from headset
  • Volume and mute controls
  • Microphone noise cancellation
  • Charging dock
  • Distance: up to 30 feet
  • Talk time: 21 hours/Stand by Time: 500 hours



Yealink YEA-WH62-MONO headset: $150


  • 2 Micro-USB connection - can simultaneously connect to Yealink phone and computer.
  • Ringer on the base
  • Supports busylight
  • Yealink Acoustic Shield Technology
  • Teams and Skype for Business compatible
  • Talking Time up to 13h
  • Wireless range up to 160m








Yealink wired headset. $39*.

  • Ultra microphone noise cancelling
  • Quick disconnection support
  • 330 degree rotatable microphone boom
  • Ultra light weight